On the path to opening, softening, relating, clarifying, DOING.

Orient at core, knowing that all practice calls for root grounding and sky extension.

Being matters, because if we operate from a false self, from a self that turns first towards outer measure and pride, we risk taking on action in the direction of projection. We make decisions based on expected outcome.

Do we draw because we anticipate someone will applaud? And if they don’t, where does that leave us? Deflated, feeling unacknowledged, inconsequential?

If we draw from the mind and hand alone, disconnected from interior knowing, we might represent a perceived reality – yet miss a window to create OF reality, from the inside out.

“Everything has appearance and essence, shell and kernel, mask and truth. What does it say against the inward determination of things that we finger the shell without reaching the kernel, that we live with appearance instead of perceiving the essence, that the mask of things so blinds us that we cannot find the truth?” – Franz Marc, Aphorisms, 1914-15

Caring for our being, we care for the shell and kernel alike.

In form, body, it is a physical tending of overall wellness: skeletal, muscular, of the organs, nerves, blood flow, etc.

Tending to the metaphysical, it is the inner chambers of the spirit (even if you are not a “spiritual” person!) the part of us that holds hope, aspiration, promise, recognizes truth, forgives, accepts – that is spirit.

Cynicism and disbelief cloud this spirit. To shift disbelief, we can instead imagine the possible and act from that place, asking: What could this look like if…

We turn inward to a place of innocence – a place we perhaps guard to protect. And we release the armor, free up the kernel, and invite ourselves simply to be.


  1. Kelvy Bird says:

    Jodi – i’ve been sitting with these questions since posed. Yes, i think disbelief clouds the spirit. I’m not sure what you mean by fantasy wishes, though? Do you mean how do we keep a foot in the possible – which is a tangible, real possible – and not lose ourselves in an imaginary possible? My view is that a sensed possible is based both in current reality AND an emerging future reality at once. Maybe the quality of our sensing keeps us centered in that space? Skepticism…. probably a healthy filter, if it does not squash possibility. ????

  2. jodi Eng says:

    Does disbelief cloud the spirit? If so, how do we keep a foot in the possible so as to not get consumed by fantasy wishes? What role, if any, does skepticism play?