1. Dear Kelvy/ My name is Aliza.I’m from Israel. I watched the u lab using your wonderful skills and talent. thank you for sharing your light. I was impressed by the colours and ratlines you used. can you tell me which firm and brand type you used? Thank you. You are welcome to visit my web site/ It is in Hebrew but you can feel the vibes from the visual perseption.

    • Kelvy Bird says:

      Aliza – Thank you for the positive vibes all the way from Israel! I use a range of inks, depending on the wall surface. On black paper it’s Montana acrylic markers, only white, blue, yellow, and black. On the chalkboard during live sessions it’s Marvy Uchida Bistro chalk markers, in white, yellow, blue, and black with jumbo and chisel tips. In the 2nd live session here i actually drilled into the bottom of the jumbo markers to extract the ink in order to use a paint brush. (I would only suggest something like this to those confident with power tools.) And for the recent live session here, which was on a white dry erase surface, I used my own custom-blended colors from Neuland mixed into Montana empty shells. This, i only suggest for experienced practitioners, as it is a messy and complex task. In all cases, i keep lots of rags on hand for spills and corrections. I hope this helps?