A group of ~35 spirited Indonesian travellers came to MIT’s Sloan School of Management, to explore what is required for deep systems change through a variety of frameworks and hands-on learning, including Presencing and Theory U. The group is the 5th cohort of IDEAS Indonesia (Innovative Dynamic Education and Action for Sustainability) a year long program designed “to engage leaders across sectors to jointly step forward and take on Indonesia’s complex challenges of conservation, education and business/social enterprise by going through a profound learning process.”

I have scribed for the program at various points over the years, and each time am brought to tears by the sincerity of heart in the room, the opening of minds, and the will to take new tangible action steps back home. I witness a blooming of individuals and of the collective, and am never left unmoved or unchanged by the experience.

Here are some images from the session. If shared, please make sure to include the speaker’s name in any crediting. Thanks!