Motion Graphics for Just Banking

A gifted opportunity for pure play in the land of iPad ‘motion graphics’ came my way via Just Money: Banking As If Society Mattered – a free course offered through MIT and edX. A huge thank you to Katrin Kaeufer and Lily Steponaitis for providing the wealth of knowledge we see here, based on years of research into leading-edge values-based banking, and for their initiative in producing a Finance MOOC as part of the u.lab ecology.

Find below: 1) a gallery of ‘still’ images, 2) a playlist of the original motion graphics, and 3) a sampling of the final narrated videos (produced by the amazing MIT ODL team) that layer the graphics in narration.

There is SOOO much farther to go here……. It’s now clunky. Alive. Finding its way. A labor of love for the sake of experimentation: blending art, technology, and learning.

Still Images

Motion Graphics

Narrated Videos: A Sampling


  1. Patsy Kahoe says:

    Love it Kelvy! Your colleagues at MIT ODL are wizards bringing your magic to life. Adding complexity to simplify. I hope you continue with this, beyond enjoying the technique it really enhanced my comprehension.

    I do like it best when the speaker appears first on screen then the graphics begin with a key phrase. Something about having a visual grounding of the voice before it becomes disembodied makes the connection with the graphics stronger. It felt more unified/whole – easier for me to hear/see simultaneously, whereas watching the Morality one the visual/auditory didn’t synch up as nicely from the start. I felt like I was ‘split’ for a minute…do I listen, do I watch? You might ask others – it could have just been a fluke, or more likely it’s just me.

    Can’t wait to see more!!

    • Kelvy Bird says:

      tx Patsy! (as always) Your feedback is REALLY helpful. We were largely experimenting here, maximum effect/minimum means. My main learning was around timing of the narration and images…. how we sync that up with more intentionality, as you note. Might require re-recording audio and further editing. As is, each one required script, initial filming, motion graphic, editing of the 2 together. That process could definitely be iterated and expanded. To be continued…!