Drawn Together
Visual Practice

Drawings give shape to our ideas and reframe what is possible. This volume gives voice to the field of visual thinking as the range of its practice dramatically expands. It offers lenses to:

  • Share cross-disciplinary and regional perspectives
  • Surface and approach the complex puzzles of our time
  • Reflect on core human connection and communication

An anthology edited by Brandy Agerbeck, Kelvy Bird, Sam Bradd, and Jennifer Shepherd – with over 25 contributions from visual and kinesthetic practitioners of all ranges. 

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Theory U

We live in a time of massive institutional failure that manifests in the form of three major divides: the ecological, the social, and the spiritual. Addressing these challenges requires a new consciousness and collective leadership capacity. In this groundbreaking book, Otto Scharmer invites us to see the world in new ways and in so doing discover a revolutionary approach to learning and leadership…

This second edition features a new preface in which Scharmer identifies five transformational trends and describes U process case stories around the world. There are also eight color drawings by Kelvy Bird that capture U journey applications and illustrate the concepts in the book, as well as new resources for applying the principles and practices.

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On Scribing

Each of our gestures — scribed on a wall or enacted in daily life — matters to the preservation and evolution of our species. When we see clearly, we make choices that can positively impact entire systems, small and large alike. 

This book will be for for anyone who seeks to see with fresh eyes, who cares about how we exist together as humans, and who wants to explore their interior functioning and approach the world anew.

It’s aimed at the development of current and future scribes, to expand the possibility of what we do. AND, it’s for a broader audience, those whose “pens” take shape as kitchen utensils, gardening rakes, study groups, tour guides, city planners, politicians, you name it.

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