Flight sometimes comes with travel, and with flight, expansion. Such was the case in 2011, when i found occasion to scrawl this out, relevant now in light of the recent 2015 IFVP conference. Hopefully it can be of use, even in it’s rawness, to field reflections…

Attention to the space between the hands, the body to the wall – the white expanse, the area behind the back and the distance to the circle, the speaker, the chairs, the broad numbers, the room, the quality of air, heat, hum of technology, doors swaying clicking, heels tapping, laptops shutting, a joint entry into place.

Listening is too quiet, to open, to receive, to become an organ of perception *, to let the self step aside, to step the self side. Aside self!

To listen is to let in, to trust, to establish circuitry. With attention comes pause, reception and active participation both – a doorway for possibility, a gateway to the Reciprocal Zone.

* “I have always been inspired by Goethe, the German poet and thinker who thought his main contribution was in the field of science—a phenomenological approach to science—not in his literary works such as Faust or his poetry. The essence of his approach is captured in the following sentence: “Every object well contemplated opens up a new organ of perception within us.” – Otto Scharmer, from: America Emerging – Western Civilization 2.0, Thirty-Third Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures, November 2013, New York City.