Motion Graphics for Just Banking

An opportunity for pure play in the land of iPad ‘motion graphics’ came my way via Just Money: Banking As If Society Mattered – a free course offered through MIT and edX. A huge thank you to Katrin Kaeufer and Lily Steponaitis for providing the wealth of knowledge we see here, based on years of research into leading-edge values-based banking.

Find below: 1) a gallery of ‘still’ images, 2) a playlist of the original motion graphics, and 3) a sampling of the final narrated videos (produced by the amazing MIT ODL team) that layer the graphics in narration.

There is SOOO much farther to go here…….  It’s been a labor of love for the sake of experimentation: blending art, technology, and learning.

Still Images

Motion Graphics

Narrated Videos: A Sampling


  1. Patsy Kahoe says:

    Love it Kelvy! Your colleagues at MIT ODL are wizards bringing your magic to life. Adding complexity to simplify. I hope you continue with this, beyond enjoying the technique it really enhanced my comprehension.

    I do like it best when the speaker appears first on screen then the graphics begin with a key phrase. Something about having a visual grounding of the voice before it becomes disembodied makes the connection with the graphics stronger. It felt more unified/whole – easier for me to hear/see simultaneously, whereas watching the Morality one the visual/auditory didn’t synch up as nicely from the start. I felt like I was ‘split’ for a minute…do I listen, do I watch? You might ask others – it could have just been a fluke, or more likely it’s just me.

    Can’t wait to see more!!

    • Kelvy Bird says:

      tx Patsy! (as always) Your feedback is REALLY helpful. We were largely experimenting here, maximum effect/minimum means. My main learning was around timing of the narration and images…. how we sync that up with more intentionality, as you note. Might require re-recording audio and further editing. As is, each one required script, initial filming, motion graphic, editing of the 2 together. That process could definitely be iterated and expanded. To be continued…!