Rambling thoughts from chicken scratch notes, while scribing… Maybe basis for unique writing chunks – or will let be as fleeting notions. This relates to a post where i more thoughtfully reviewed some insights: Eight Days, Eight Lessons. And it all overlaps…

  • You cannot “check out” – ever. You can – always – experiment.
  • Wear the most comfortable clothes you can (organizationally) culturally get away with.
  • Not over until the fat lady sings, and that would be (illegible) Holler and throw a victory dance when you are done. Well….
  • Protect your space – physical, while working. Do you have a table? own it. Floor area between you and chairs? Own it. Time at night? Keep it yours. Protect your asset. (back to WEF YGLs)
  • Power of the reframe
  • Dimensions of collaboration
  • Having discipline around something that has not yet emerged
  • More:


  • Budgeting real estate, esp in 8 day marathons