It’s leaving me-them polarization at the altar of societal norm, and choosing instead the soft path: WE ARE ONE. This can be a conscious, enlightened, spiritual choice. It’s also simply a matter of relaxing into the fact that through every gesture, every word, every silence even – we exist in a cascading ripple of touch.

Through doing, like carrying a bag of groceries for a stranger, we touch.

Through feeling, like noticing heart heaviness at the absence of a loved one, we are touched.

Through thinking, when ideas of one linger in the mind of another and then guide further thinking, we touch.

To deny the impact of these ripples is to deny that we have any vibration, any aliveness. Because we breathe and our hearts pulse, we are ALIVE. We emit. We receive. We magnetize.

Crossing all manmade, invented boundary, through outward and inward motion, one.