A primary ingredient in Level 4 Scribing: Trust. Holding space, stretching time, pausing, being OF the room, knowing in gut that CLARITY WILL COME. It is not to be rushed – rather, it is a beam of gold gracing the being when mind, heart, hand open sincerely.

Here are some musings from today’s chicken scratch notes, while in desperate moments not able to draw, when nothing was clear. Reminders to a panicking self from a wiser Self:

Let go of urgency. Increase care. Slow down and go slow. Mind the breath. Increase patience.

ExpandBecome the container. Envelop the whole that you can see – whatever you can perceive in the scene – picture – surround.

Source. Know this is your foundation. Hold steady in it.

Scale. Reach out in order to keep the moment in perspective; it is just a drop in a vast sea of drawing. Think of day, week, month, season, year, decade, lifetime, era….

Sense. At the wall, what wants to be drawn? Before making a mark, sense into the mark. If you can’t imagine it – don’t draw it. (That is will > listening). Listen first.

Stocks. Consider the tubs. Your board is like a bathtub; it can only hold X amount of ink. The viewer/participant is a tub; they only have X capacity to absorb content. You are a tub; you can only handle X flow-through.

Seek understanding. You can only represent as much as you know. Expand the boundary of your model to grow your capacity to make sense.

(If the drawing above looks like conception – maybe that is relevant…. )


((i also see the unintentional acronym: LESSSSS)) (((hm)))


  1. filmatu says:

    This are wise words Kelvy. Thanks for sharing.

    I really connected to this phrase today as we are now moving to prototyping in the ulab course:

    If you can’t imagine it – don’t draw it. (That is will > listening). Listen first.


    • Kelvy Bird says:

      Thank you! For the feedback and also for reminding me of my owns words, easily forgotten in the business of other work…. Perhaps a call to slow and listen 🙂